When You Do This

We are all so blessed in comfort.

Shelter, food, clothing , warmth and never alone when needing answers.

Yes we are blessed.

But do we as true believers of God follow

His one most important commandment?

To love thy neighbor as thy self.

Hum, good thought.

Do we?

Do we reach out and help all in need of shelter, food, clothing?

Do we take time and listen to ones trouble and maybe have an idea

or even an answer to help them along the way.

I know I want to and really do try.

A glass of water to one who is thirsty.

A coat for one who is so cold.

A blanket to keep them warm.

Clothing to dress them.

Food to fill the bellies of many who are hungry.

We are so blessed.

Giving and carry for others is a love that

is above all that God ask us to do.

Remember what Jesus said in speaking to

the people he was with.

When you do these to the least.

You have done it unto me.

Praise you God on High.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy and love.



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