Ye That Have No Sin

Ye that have no sin.

What does that mean to me…

To you?

To me it would be those things that God does not accept.

His Holy words speak many times about those things that he is displeased with.

I remember the story of the woman who was brought before Jesus because of her adulterous acts. The people of the town was ready to judge her and stone her. But they wanted to see what Jesus would do to her.

Jesus bowed down writing in the sand. Meditating on what was before Him.

He then stood up looking around of all who was there. Probably seeing eyes of judgement upon her, hatred.

This is what He  said to them.

Ye that have no sins cast the first stone.

None could not that was there.

Many stones fell.

They walked away.

Jesus then raised the woman up saying to her.

Those who judged you have left.

She must have looked around to see that they we’re not there.

Then she looked into Jesus eyes seeing compassion and mercy.

Jesus then spoke to her saying.

Neither do I judge you.

He then continue to tell her.

Go and sin no more.

We all have sin and come short of the Glory of God.

We must repent daily in our walk with God.

Thanking our Father for His mercy and grace.

Dailey walking with Him.

Learn of His will for our life,

Through His holy Words.

Written by the prophets of long ago.

Not man’s will.

 For it can be corrupted with self.

Look to God the father

God The Son

God The Holy Spirit.

We all must repent of our sin and come humble unto Him.

“Ye that have no sin cast the first stone.”


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