He Is A Liar

Who do you ask is a liar?

Well it is the one who tries really hard to make you feel

very guilty in all the wrong you have done.

“You know the sins  that God did forgive when you came to him and accept Jesus into your heart, your soul, your mind.”

He is the one who would convince you to take the most precious gift you have…

“That is your life.”

He is the one who will cause you so much pain that you want to give up.

For you would start thinking  you are alone…

“When you are not.”

He is the one who now is convensing you that this world is not worth fighting for.

“When God created it.”

He is the one who put you in deep despair, feeling so alone.

Not wanting anyone to be near to help you through.

Who is he.

He is the devil.

He is a liar.

He is the one who is so very jealous of God our Heavenly Father.

He will do anything to fool you and me.

 So watch out with your spiritual eyes that are blessed by God the Father

God the Son.


Jesus who died for our Sins.

Jesus who rose from the grave.

 Winning the key of life and death from you know who.

Remember we are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ our lord


( Thank You Jesus)


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