A Spect In my Eye

I have finally realize in my life that I still have many troubles to clear up before I start trying to help others with their weaknesses and troubles. You know what I am talking about. We tend to judge other harshly when they don’t  do the right thing in situation of their life that don’t  make it right in ones eyes. Before we begin to do our best for others. we need to clean up our own act as they say. If you and I have faults we have no right to point our fingers at others. It just not right. I have found many faults in myself  lately. They are really hard to face. But I must try to clear them up; correct them if I can. Then I will understand how to be able to lend a helping hand to others. Judge not, for ye shall be judge.  God does know what He is talking about.

Thank you Father in Heaven



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