Why Did Jesus Do This For Me

When Jesus Was crucified.

I felt I was there just below Him looking up.

His precious blood flowing down to me.

What I felt was grieve and shame.

What had I done to this precious Son of God?

Why did He suffer so for me?

I had sin so much.

I broke the laws of God.

I fought with Him.

Not wanting Him near me.

I completely turn away from Him.

Why did Jesus do this on this rugged tree?

The thorns upon His sacred head?

The piercing of His hands of mercy and his feet of strength that walked those many miles to spread the good news of His Father in Heaven.

The news of Love and eternal hope of life.

Why did Jesus do this?

Then I looked up again into His caring eyes.

The answer was right there.

Because He loves me.

And He forgives.


As Jesus would say.



Thank you Jesus


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