What Do You Want Out Of Life

Do you want things given to you freely?

Or would you strive and work at it to gain your reward of life?

Would you have others come to you and build you up saying

you are great.

But on the other hand they are just saying those things to keep you alive in yourself.

Get a hold of yourself,, within your mind and soul.

Study who you are.

What abilities do you have…

That which you can do naturally.

Learn, challenge yourself.

You will be so surprise of what you can do and make.

In my life I was so very afraid to attempt things that I never done before.

I still do have many to try someday, if given the opportunity.

Right now my challenges is life itself.

Living and caring for so many.

I truly enjoy it.

I will continue and I hope you do too.

Yes I do get afraid,that is so natural.

Do what you can and feel real good about yourself.

So the question is this.

What do you want out of life?


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