There Is No Hope For Me

I felt so lost in my past life.

No where to turn.

Who would accept me as I am?

I felt very strong in my direction of destruction.

And I chose to go that way for a long time.

Not listening to no one.

Just me.

My mind was made up and away I went.

Having a great time.

I was excaping all my bad memories.

And things that I did not want responcibilities with.

Making wrong decisions.

Taking chances with my life and others.

I did not care about anything.

But yet there was something or someone who kept pulling me out of what could have gotten worse.

I felt deep in me, my soul was being tugged at.

A guilt trip was starting to come forth in me.

It was like a deep pit I was in.

The deeper I was falling in it.

The harder I felt the wrongs that I had done.

I finally hit bottom.

I was really feeling all that I had chosen hitting me hard.

Voices of correction was coming at me.

Direction of my life had to be changed.

But how.

I done so much wrong.

Where was the answered.

It was up to me to begin again.

It was the spirit of me meeting with the spirit of God.

God the Father

God The Son

God The Holy Spirit.

Yes I finally realize It was Jesus, God’s only begotten Son that could help me.

I found many others who could help me to understand all about God and His Son Jesus.

Jesus is the only answer.

To believe in Him and to have faith not seeing or touching.

But faith knowing He died for my Sins.

Yours sin is the only hope in being forgiving.

Man of this world will not forgive us.

Because they look upon with eyes of the flesh.

But Jesus looks beyond are faults and sees all that we need.

Thank You Jesus For All You Have Done.

Praise Your Holy Name




There is Hope for us all


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