I hope you are gone to enjoy my publishing.

What I am going to try to do in time God willing.

Is get all my writings published that I have done since

I began in I believe in 1994.

I think there is over 600 maybe of them…

Maybe more.

I have lost count.

But I am so blessed of what God has given me.

Be patient with me. It will take time.

What happens I get news ones that god puts on my heart.

I am so excited about all of this.

I know God will guide me through this.

Praise His Holy Name.

I Hope you will start a collection of my writings.

Thank you so much for your encouraging me to write.

With out all of you I would not have continued with it.

Praise God for all and I mean all of you.

Thank you again

Rev. Victoria Witt

Praise to the


The Son and

The Holy Spirit.



Lets Face It – A new beginning

Lets face it.

We have a lot of problems.

We have wars and rumors of wars.

Nature is really showing age.

Life isn’t important as it should be.

Hate is coming on us as a sickness of the mind.

Hunger is upon us all.

Lack of caring is effecting us all.

Bitterness, depression, oppression

has become the power over us.

Let us face it and accept the truth.

What can be done?

I feel in myself we must change the way we think.

You know the hardness of our heart.

The ear that won’t hear the truth…

and face that we must not be a stumbling block

 or a knife that cuts into the soul of others to

cause corruption of the mind.

We have planted a bad seed.

Lets just face it.

We have cause all these problems.

But we can change and be a better person.

Someone who cares about all that is happening around

the world today.

Lets just face it and be trueful ourself. That we’ve been wrong.

And start making a different for all our life today. 

Lets just face that we have been all wrong and

we must make it right while there is time.

January 29, 2016


When You Do This

We are all so blessed in comfort.

Shelter, food, clothing , warmth and never alone when needing answers.

Yes we are blessed.

But do we as true believers of God follow

His one most important commandment?

To love thy neighbor as thy self.

Hum, good thought.

Do we?

Do we reach out and help all in need of shelter, food, clothing?

Do we take time and listen to ones trouble and maybe have an idea

or even an answer to help them along the way.

I know I want to and really do try.

A glass of water to one who is thirsty.

A coat for one who is so cold.

A blanket to keep them warm.

Clothing to dress them.

Food to fill the bellies of many who are hungry.

We are so blessed.

Giving and carry for others is a love that

is above all that God ask us to do.

Remember what Jesus said in speaking to

the people he was with.

When you do these to the least.

You have done it unto me.

Praise you God on High.

Thank you Jesus for your mercy and love.


Ye That Have No Sin

Ye that have no sin.

What does that mean to me…

To you?

To me it would be those things that God does not accept.

His Holy words speak many times about those things that he is displeased with.

I remember the story of the woman who was brought before Jesus because of her adulterous acts. The people of the town was ready to judge her and stone her. But they wanted to see what Jesus would do to her.

Jesus bowed down writing in the sand. Meditating on what was before Him.

He then stood up looking around of all who was there. Probably seeing eyes of judgement upon her, hatred.

This is what He  said to them.

Ye that have no sins cast the first stone.

None could not that was there.

Many stones fell.

They walked away.

Jesus then raised the woman up saying to her.

Those who judged you have left.

She must have looked around to see that they we’re not there.

Then she looked into Jesus eyes seeing compassion and mercy.

Jesus then spoke to her saying.

Neither do I judge you.

He then continue to tell her.

Go and sin no more.

We all have sin and come short of the Glory of God.

We must repent daily in our walk with God.

Thanking our Father for His mercy and grace.

Dailey walking with Him.

Learn of His will for our life,

Through His holy Words.

Written by the prophets of long ago.

Not man’s will.

 For it can be corrupted with self.

Look to God the father

God The Son

God The Holy Spirit.

We all must repent of our sin and come humble unto Him.

“Ye that have no sin cast the first stone.”

He Is A Liar

Who do you ask is a liar?

Well it is the one who tries really hard to make you feel

very guilty in all the wrong you have done.

“You know the sins  that God did forgive when you came to him and accept Jesus into your heart, your soul, your mind.”

He is the one who would convince you to take the most precious gift you have…

“That is your life.”

He is the one who will cause you so much pain that you want to give up.

For you would start thinking  you are alone…

“When you are not.”

He is the one who now is convensing you that this world is not worth fighting for.

“When God created it.”

He is the one who put you in deep despair, feeling so alone.

Not wanting anyone to be near to help you through.

Who is he.

He is the devil.

He is a liar.

He is the one who is so very jealous of God our Heavenly Father.

He will do anything to fool you and me.

 So watch out with your spiritual eyes that are blessed by God the Father

God the Son.


Jesus who died for our Sins.

Jesus who rose from the grave.

 Winning the key of life and death from you know who.

Remember we are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ our lord


( Thank You Jesus)