A Day Begins

A day has come.

A new day.

Never had it before.

What will become of it… I wonder.

A new friend.

A hope of good health.

Peace within oneself.

Just plain feeling good knowing you are alive.

Yes a new day has begun



The Sky Was So Bright

Have you ever wonder in your mind what it might have been like when our Lord and Savior was born so long ago? The world has not seen such wonders since that time of long ago. We have heard the story so many times. But stop and close your eyes for a moment. A vision Of greatness. God’s greatness. God’s only begotten SON is being Born. Many that night in the fields keeping watch over there flock. Then suddenly a great stir in the sky and around .Awakes their mind and eyes. They feel fear upon them for such great brightness above. And the sounds of many, many angels singing and praising the birth of the  New Born King. Yes Jesus our promise Messiah who will deliver us and give us hope of eternal life. The wonders of the great Star that guided them to the place where the Child laid.  Even Kings from distance lands traveled to find this promise life. Laying before the babe gifts fit for a king.

Oh I can hear and see in my mind’s eye the greatness of many angels singing to our King. The thundering sounds shaking with great force on the earth proclaiming The Lord of Lords. The Prince of Peace. Has been born in a manger. The sounds of happiness. Singing and praising.

Praising him saying…

 Glory to the New-Born King

The sky must have been so bright with greatness and power.



 Thank you Father in Heaven for the wonderful gift of  love.




 How does it begin?

 When does it become a reality, a thought?

It lives and dies quickly.

Dies quickly when no action is put forth upon it.

No wanting to use it or give it time.

No patients.

Lives when believing it is part of life.

 Part of life within us.

When you stop…

You die within.

Begin to believe in yourself.

You do and must begin there.

Then maybe, just maybe it will become real to you.




New Year 2011







Let these be in each one of us.

Don’t we give up just because.

But let us all start a new grasp and hold on…

Not letting go or giving up.

Let Peace begin within each one of us.

For you see it begins with me.

Let it begin with you.

Then watch out world a new breed is coming forth.

 Like a tree planted by a river.

Strong and true.

Living not dying in spirit.

For God is the one who is the gardener

 He, The Great I Am…

 Will keep us growing and prospering.


Searching The Clouds

Looking through my mind’s eyes. I see clouds above me. Softly I journey through them seeing many Angels shining in gold. So very bright. They are showing me the way to Heaven’s Gate. No words do they speak. Just gesture of direction with care. Wings of greatness hovering over me. The peace and joy within me. Filling me with gladness of home. Yes my Heavenly home. My Father before me. My Brother and Lord coming to me.

Welcoming with open arms. Yes I search and walk upon the clouds. Not fearful. Knowing I am going home to be with the Lord and those who I have missed while here on earth.

Searching with hope of life

It is just a vision Of Hope and life.

Thank You Jesus.

Is This Heaven

My eyes awake to visions of Heaven’s beauty.

Golden rays of the Son.

Above, blue is the sky.

 As if the eyes of God.

White gowns  laying before me.

As though giving me permission to put on.

Walking upon the waters which is still.

Is this Heaven?

Or is this just a hope, a vision what will be.

No sadness but joy of the heart.

Knowing there is a God who is watching His own.

Is this Heaven?




I cannot say when I’ll be back.

But this I can write for now.

Each day I wake.

Is like a song.

With melodies and rhymes.

The land is now as white as a sheet upon a bed.

Colors of Summer is now hidden for now. 

Winter’s cold is now freezing of the wind.

Our steps we hear.

Impression we see.

The flakes that fall.

 Each one, its own.

Yes Mother Earth is showing her age of white.

 With beauty and might.

She does not give up life.

But gives it breath.

So we can live