Have You Had Those days

Have you ever had days when you don’t know which end is up?

All at once everything is coming at you that need attention.

You feel you are more than one person.

Your riding on a roller coaster of life.

You fix one thing than something else happens.

When is it ever gone to end?

Man what a life we live. It is always a challenge to each one of us. Right now, right then.  How can we deal with it? Where is the answer? I really don’t know. Is there an answer? It could be challenges for us to become stronger. But why you may ask. I feel in myself that we don’t know what lies ahead and that we must try to be prepare. Always remember you are not alone. Ask for help.  Someone just might have the answer to your problem. We humans seem to think we can do it on our own. Just like lifting weights that are too extremely heavy. They will hurt us in many ways. If not today it will be later in ones life. But if we ask others to help. The weight of life will be lighter. I know of this because of how I had and still do sometime live my life. We are not alone. Many hands reach out to be there for you. Many hearts beat of caring for you. You cannot withdraw yourself and close the door in your mind and soul within yourself. I know this world today is becoming harder to deal with. But we must seek unity for each other that will prosper for all that want it. Don’t give up. Don’t destroy what is so precious…

That Is You.

Jesus Loves you



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