Will Bad Words Be Allowed

As Christian; we  of God our Father in Heaven. We represent Him. We go to God and ask to be forgiven all our sin and ask that His Holy Spirit inter into our soul, our body. His spirit lives in us. Entwine with our spirit. We become like a marriage of husband and wife. We become one in our walk with God. His Holy Spirit guides and teaches us much in our daily walk with Him.  It is a daily teaching and learning. Yes we will slip and fall.  But I wonder about what we say while walking daily with our Lord and Savior.  Do we represent God or man? Would God cuss? Would he say words in a slang way? Our we allowed to speak out as one who seem out of control of who we are today? The Holy Spirit is strong in His teaching. He will show and guide us in what to do and say. Is the Holy spirit teaching us these words that are destructive and Ugliness. Will bad words of man’s language be allowed in Heaven ?

What we bring forth from our tongue represents of what our flesh is, our spirit. Is it dedicate to God or man? God is Holy. Therefore we must be Holy. The world is corruptible. Because of man laws that seem to want to bend God rules. I just wonder will God except those words of destruction that seems to represent and bring forth seeds that are like weeds. I must ask God to tame my speech.

Let us pray.


Dear Heavenly Father.

We come to you and ask that you help us to not bring forth words of destruction. Or does not represent you. For we know once we dedicate our life to you. We begin to become like you. Not that of man of this world. Show us and lead us in controlling what we say to others. And help us in our times of struggle to know you are there to help us through. Thank you for your wonderful love and guidness in Jesus Holy Name Amen.


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