Don’t Look At Me With Eyes Of Judgement


You will see many things of me that’s not right in your eyes of JUDGEMENT.

Not the physical eyes so much.

But that which is your spiritual eyes, within your mind’s eyes.

I know for I do it also to others in my life.

It will travel into your thinking to cause you to see so much wrong.

You will come forth pointing with fingers that seem like a Whip of Hate.

Bringing one  down with so much shame.

The pain  will be of deep failure within.

No feeling will there be of going further.

 Only of giving up.

Don’t look with eyes of judgement that will pull down.

But that of lifting up.

 Teaching and love.

Showing what is correct in patients>

 Showing what you know and understand.

Many walks will be taken in the path of knowledge.

 Some longer than others.

But that is alright.

One moment.

One second of life’s learning is worth knowing the right way to go.


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