Don’t Look At Me With Eyes Of Judgement


You will see many things of me that’s not right in your eyes of JUDGEMENT.

Not the physical eyes so much.

But that which is your spiritual eyes, within your mind’s eyes.

I know for I do it also to others in my life.

It will travel into your thinking to cause you to see so much wrong.

You will come forth pointing with fingers that seem like a Whip of Hate.

Bringing one  down with so much shame.

The pain  will be of deep failure within.

No feeling will there be of going further.

 Only of giving up.

Don’t look with eyes of judgement that will pull down.

But that of lifting up.

 Teaching and love.

Showing what is correct in patients>

 Showing what you know and understand.

Many walks will be taken in the path of knowledge.

 Some longer than others.

But that is alright.

One moment.

One second of life’s learning is worth knowing the right way to go.


I Wait Upon You God

My soul  is reaching for you.

Feeling your presence is warmth and power.

The courage I sense comes forth to make me strong in this battle that confronts me.

The battles not of the flesh but of the spirit.

I cannot do it alone.

You are there for me in times that seem to have no end.

Father you are there when I feel so very alone.

 My tears you see and feel, for you know of their reasons.

I know you will walk with me and comfort me.

No I am not alone…

For I wait upon you God.

I want to live… PLEASE

Love is joined as one in flesh.

Love is holding tight and won’t rest.

Oh how wonderful it feels to be needed in this moment of touch within.

Flowing through the tunnel of miracles.

Life begins within.

Developing as one who will become us.

A soul that has purpose to come forth in our future.

But something is wrong.

A spirit is coming forth with hate and unjust.

No it cannot be.



Don’t destroy me.

Don’t you see I was Love as one flesh.

I am not to be nothing.

I am not to be nothing.

I believe I am part of them who came together in love and wanting. They promised to always be together.

Did they lie just for the joy of the moment?

Was I a false hope?

I want to live and show them beauty.

I want to live to show them their love.

I want to live to show them of their love.

I just want to live.

I Can’t Deal With It

You push me away.

You bring me down.

I can’t deal with it.


You don’t show me appreciation.

You turn me away.

I can’t deal with it.


You say I am a lyre and a thief.

When I am not…

I can’t deal with it.


I don’t do enough of a good job.

Anything I try to do is not perfect.

I can’t deal with it.


Who can I turn to? Where is the answer? Do I have hope? Does anyone care. Or is there no return to a happy life?

What is it of you that needs change inwardly of yourself. Is your nose up in the air because you think you know all the answers.

Remember you are just like me. You have going through many mistake in your life. And you are still learning of many things as I.

If you feel you are better than me.

I can’t deal with it.

Let Go

Let Go of hate.

Hate that destroy relationships that are so very precious. Let go of being different. different from one another in color and fashions. Let go of life that make you become something you are not. For your true self,  will disappear. You must let go of those memories that destroy dream of hope and beauty.

Just hold on to what is Good and sings to your soul.

Begin to trust and believe if it is to be.

Love Can Be Stamp On

I hate you!

You thieve!

You lie!

You traitor!

I cannot trust you!

And so many more words and action can hurt love…

True love.

Love from the heart, soul and the mind.

We hold each other and say we love. But where is it coming from. You and I must not just do or say I love you. You must show it through appreciation,  thankyou and caring for one another everyday. We cannot give up. But try as though we might lose that which is so important to us…

Can we make a different. Can we turn the table to make sure we do not lose hope?

I Cannot Be You

I cannot be in your place

I cannot speak for you

I cannot feel for you

I cannot love for you

These things you must choose to be who you are to be.

But just maybe I can be your friend, someone who can stand with you. Trying to urge you with hope and positiveness. Many things I am still learning and growing in knowledge. But together it is possible to find the answers that face us today.

May God guide us through this time. May His Holy Spirit show us the way of His salvation. In Jesus Name Amen.