Do You Know Jesus

Is Jesus your personal Savior who guides you everyday, every moment, every second?

Do you go to Him daily and seek him to show you the way you should go in your personal life?

Is He there in your sorrows, Joys and heavy burdens?

Is His Holy Spirit within you as one in your spirit?

Do you know Jesus?


In my life now. I have come a long ways from whom I was before. Many regrets. Sadden by what I had done to others caused me many afflictions in my mind. But when I accepted Jesus back into my life and was truly sorry for all the bad choices. God seen the sincerity in my spirit. I open my heart to Him and excepted Jesus’s sweet present back in. Every day I walk with Him and seek always what He wants me to do.

He lets me know of His love and above all how to share it with all those who seek it so much. Now is the time to reach out with that love of understanding. Yes it is very hard sometimes in this world today. Many will turn from you. For they are so afraid and do not understand. Fear has become a destructive sence of the mind’s motivation of everyday living. No trust in many. Not caring. Not sharing.

Do you know Jesus?

If you do then you will show a light of hope and love which will break down that barrier that causes many to go in a different direction which can cause death of the soul and mind of many.

Do you Know Jesus?

If not.

Jesus is right there at your door of your heart.

Knocking and waiting for you to open unto Him.

Welcoming him in.

Glory To God

Thank you Jesus.



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