Words Written



God has inspired me so greatly, so much so that I want to share it with the world. I have been given so many gifts that I am compelled to share my gifts with you. I now have the opportunity to have this web site, here you can, view at any time, my words, poems, and hopes of inspiration. I will post daily or weekly new writings and you will have the chance to interact with me through e-mail. There’s power in numbers and we can all use some encouragement, so log on and share.

Many words that I write bring forth for me inspiring revelations of my thoughts within. They too teach me much of what is needed in my life as well as others. When I am being taught by God’s Holy Spirit. I love to share that with others who might also be struggling in that same situation of life. I alway have and will write this… that I just share ideas and thoughts to be helpful… Not destructive. … To think about… Not to force you or me to do. But to make our choice in which way to go. That is between you and God; Free choice of man.

I have always said  and also write that I am not perfect. That is a foolish thought. For none of us are. I am not above you nor am I above God. That is so wrong. For Jesus himself showed how to serve others with humbleness and love that is within the heart.  But I am at your level. I care so much about others that I go overboard and then get in to a tanglement in my doing. Please forgive me if I have done so to you. That is not my intention. I too have much to learn. I am not a teacher. But a servant of God. I am one who would do all I possibly can to help. To love, To care. Just to let one know that there is still hope of Joy and peace with God in Jesus Holy Name.

God is our only hope. Please do not turn away from Him. If I have cause you to.  Please forgive me. I am so sorry. I humble myself.

Father forgive me for being a stumbling stone. I must remember always to have you lead me. Not the flesh that seems to want glory and praise. That is so wrong. I ask all these things in Jesus Glorious name Amen.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


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