Why have You harden Your Heart

Dear father if I have harden my heart to not heed your salvation. Deliver me from that terrible sickness of my soul. For it has blinded me and cause me to become not able to hear you. Enter in and soften my spirit again from all that has turn my eyes away from you… My spiritual eyes Father in Heaven.

Let pride of myself not control me within that seems to make me harden to your Holy word. Please break my spirit so that it will heed your words to my heart as that of a wild stallion. Open my door to my heart that seems to  be jammed with rust of life and locked with the devils device of lies and deceits of many controversy. Which I know is not from you. For I want not to hear you my Precious Father in Heaven. But obey you always and forever… To glorify you and praise you. I want to hold you as you have and will always hold me. To tell me I am not alone in this terrible snare of life. Forgive me of my weaknesses that has cause this confusion. For now I see Dear Father You are my God in Jesus Holy Name…

In Jesus Holy Blood and Holy Spirit which will guide me here on my journey ahead of me. That  you are now leading and guiding me through. I know of your presence and am glad .

Thank you Father in  JESUS Holy Name



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