Holy & Humble

This is what we must be  for the Lord.

When Going forth to share the Great news Of God.

Our Lord and Savior. We do not stand high and mighty around those who are hungry to hear of God’s  Holy Gospel. We become their servants and feed them as hungry children who needs so much understanding .  Not judging who is right or wrong.  But Guiding them in God’s Holy words.  Not of mans… But God’s… The Great I Am. He will show you how to reach them in His will.

Lowly you and I must be. For you see we are not greater than them. But too are learning much from our Heavenly Father who loves us so much. We are like sisters and brothers.  We belong to a great family in which each one of us are teaching each other how to share. How to Give. How to lift each other up when we are down. How to show the love, the love of all understanding. The love that God gives us. Most of all,  the Love of Jesus. We than thank God  for all His wonderful blessing that was given to us freely through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior who died on that cross for our sins… Let me write that again, our sins. For you see Jesus had no sins.  He then rose the third day. Proving He lives and will return to take us unto him at the end of time. To our heavenly home fore ever and ever.

 To Live with Him and Our Heavenly Father




Praise you Jesus




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