Our Faith In God

Your faith in God has made you whole.

If you and I believe in God our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. .. That we are healed and deliver from all affliction of life…. truly believing. We will be healed.

As it said in Mark 10 : 52

And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole.

Not anyone else’s  faith, but His faith. We come to God for healing . Our faith is what will be the results of our healing.  No one else’s  faith can do it. We our self must have faith inside our souls with the Holy Spirit. Yes it can be hard when so much criticism is around us. Making fun or doubting.

But we must stand upon the word of our Holy God through Jesus’s sacrifice of His blood for all of us.

Believing that Jesus did that so that we can accept God’s healing. We just have to beleave, have faith;  know it is true. And don’t look at others who need to see. For what is having faith when you see it. Faith is just knowing inside yourself, your soul and God’s Holy Spirit does exist. And it will be delivered to you.


Praise You Jesus.


What If We Could


You  and  I

To form and shape all that comes around us in our life today.

To take hold and control of those tempters that seem to want to give us all confusion in our thoughts every moment of our precious life. To be able to turn away from all that disturbs us deep within.  At our work and socializing with many. To see with our mind’s eye the situation that come at us. To understand how to deal with them in a correct way. It can be done.

Yes it can.

Through our Dailey walk we can hold on to our Father’s leading Because Jesus follow through his calling many years ago. We are now able to win these battle of life. In the blood of Jesus our Lord and Savior We are more than conqueror through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

 ( Roman 8 ).

Have You Given God A Hug

We always ask God to hold us so close to Him when we are in deep despair. Or when we want Him so very near. But Have we ever; you and I  gone to him to give Him a Hug and hold Him close to us? Oh what a wonderful feeling to give back to Him what He has always give to us.

Hold God close to you as a Father who love you so very, very much.

Never let Him go.

Hold Him tight.

For He is holding you with all His MIGHT.

Thank You Sweet Jesus for all you did for us to be able to come to the Father with all our Love.


Do You Know Jesus

Is Jesus your personal Savior who guides you everyday, every moment, every second?

Do you go to Him daily and seek him to show you the way you should go in your personal life?

Is He there in your sorrows, Joys and heavy burdens?

Is His Holy Spirit within you as one in your spirit?

Do you know Jesus?


In my life now. I have come a long ways from whom I was before. Many regrets. Sadden by what I had done to others caused me many afflictions in my mind. But when I accepted Jesus back into my life and was truly sorry for all the bad choices. God seen the sincerity in my spirit. I open my heart to Him and excepted Jesus’s sweet present back in. Every day I walk with Him and seek always what He wants me to do.

He lets me know of His love and above all how to share it with all those who seek it so much. Now is the time to reach out with that love of understanding. Yes it is very hard sometimes in this world today. Many will turn from you. For they are so afraid and do not understand. Fear has become a destructive sence of the mind’s motivation of everyday living. No trust in many. Not caring. Not sharing.

Do you know Jesus?

If you do then you will show a light of hope and love which will break down that barrier that causes many to go in a different direction which can cause death of the soul and mind of many.

Do you Know Jesus?

If not.

Jesus is right there at your door of your heart.

Knocking and waiting for you to open unto Him.

Welcoming him in.

Glory To God

Thank you Jesus.


Words Written



God has inspired me so greatly, so much so that I want to share it with the world. I have been given so many gifts that I am compelled to share my gifts with you. I now have the opportunity to have this web site, here you can, view at any time, my words, poems, and hopes of inspiration. I will post daily or weekly new writings and you will have the chance to interact with me through e-mail. There’s power in numbers and we can all use some encouragement, so log on and share.

Many words that I write bring forth for me inspiring revelations of my thoughts within. They too teach me much of what is needed in my life as well as others. When I am being taught by God’s Holy Spirit. I love to share that with others who might also be struggling in that same situation of life. I alway have and will write this… that I just share ideas and thoughts to be helpful… Not destructive. … To think about… Not to force you or me to do. But to make our choice in which way to go. That is between you and God; Free choice of man.

I have always said  and also write that I am not perfect. That is a foolish thought. For none of us are. I am not above you nor am I above God. That is so wrong. For Jesus himself showed how to serve others with humbleness and love that is within the heart.  But I am at your level. I care so much about others that I go overboard and then get in to a tanglement in my doing. Please forgive me if I have done so to you. That is not my intention. I too have much to learn. I am not a teacher. But a servant of God. I am one who would do all I possibly can to help. To love, To care. Just to let one know that there is still hope of Joy and peace with God in Jesus Holy Name.

God is our only hope. Please do not turn away from Him. If I have cause you to.  Please forgive me. I am so sorry. I humble myself.

Father forgive me for being a stumbling stone. I must remember always to have you lead me. Not the flesh that seems to want glory and praise. That is so wrong. I ask all these things in Jesus Glorious name Amen.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Why have You harden Your Heart

Dear father if I have harden my heart to not heed your salvation. Deliver me from that terrible sickness of my soul. For it has blinded me and cause me to become not able to hear you. Enter in and soften my spirit again from all that has turn my eyes away from you… My spiritual eyes Father in Heaven.

Let pride of myself not control me within that seems to make me harden to your Holy word. Please break my spirit so that it will heed your words to my heart as that of a wild stallion. Open my door to my heart that seems to  be jammed with rust of life and locked with the devils device of lies and deceits of many controversy. Which I know is not from you. For I want not to hear you my Precious Father in Heaven. But obey you always and forever… To glorify you and praise you. I want to hold you as you have and will always hold me. To tell me I am not alone in this terrible snare of life. Forgive me of my weaknesses that has cause this confusion. For now I see Dear Father You are my God in Jesus Holy Name…

In Jesus Holy Blood and Holy Spirit which will guide me here on my journey ahead of me. That  you are now leading and guiding me through. I know of your presence and am glad .

Thank you Father in  JESUS Holy Name