The Voice Of God

I was ask recently what does God’s voice sound like?

At that time I had no words to describe Him; our wonderful Heavenly Father.

Then moments later He spoke to me.

This is what he said.

His voice is the feeling of knowing, seeing with the mind’s eye.

Hear from your heart that knows and recognizes love and understanding

of good.

The wind around you, which makes you feel free of temptation that wants

to stir you into confusion of many lies.

God speaks to you in ways that you will understand.

They are…



Peace and Happiness within oneself.

Not as the world knows it.

But God Love.

Yes God’s voice is like that of  thunder above the earth.

Great noise  of the earth-shaking, just by Him speaking …

Remove this mountain.

A child at birth crying…

I want to live.

Many voices praising and singing to glorified God.

One who shows God’s love…

Sincere love.

Yes the voice of God is heard.

His children…

Us who believes in Him and Him only.

Will hear Him and talk to Him.

Praise you Father.

Always and forever.

I am so weak .

But thou are strong to get me through times that seem to last so very long.

Thank you God

In Jesus precious Name



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