Show Forth Love Of God

The Love of God is so wonderful and so peaceful. God’s wonderous love can calm the storms of life…  Just by asking Him and believing. Our faith in Him depends on how God is in our life. We must hold tight to God with all we have  in believing in Him. Like Peter getting out of the boat to walk to Jesus. He had faith as that of a muster seed. But yet Peter was willing to go to Jesus. He then was distracted of all that was around him. He began to sink and cried to Jesus to reach for him and help him. Jesus then said oh ye of little faith… Why did you doubt?

 What he said then. Also was said when all of them was in a boat. It was toss with the waves. Fears was upon them and they cried oh master please help. He arose from a sleep and calm the storm. It seems that the flesh of men will bring forth feelings of fear and worry. We must bring forth all our weakness to God. He will gradually calm the storms of life so that you can walk with him. He fills you with His wonderous love in which you will show His love to others who want to know him.

You will show





All these emotion do come together as one. One will see you are a Christian and love the Lord shown all around you.

They will begin to feel calmness and reassurance. Knowing they are not alone. For God love is coming forth to you always and forever. We too must have that kind of faith. Yes those  circumstances around us will be calm by our sweet Jesus… Our Lord and Savior



















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