A Man Called Jesus

There was a man so long ago. Who came to earth that day. He was a lowly man who didn’t own properties of any kind. He was just a humble man. When he was born. He was born in a manger made of hay. Those who had witness his birth was of a few that day. Later came honor and praise of three wise men who brought forth gifts; They we’re Gold, frankincense and myrrh. Yes this precious child was blessed with gift as that of a king. He was taught by his earthly father and his precious mother the very best they knew how to give. For you see he was very special… Very special indeed. He also was guide and taught from another who loved Him so. He was God the great I am. Who taught him well you know. Yes the child name is Jesus the Son of our Heavenly Father. Yes Jesus was humble and walked this earth so long ago. Yes he walked the many mile to bring forth that which His Father in heaven had for Him to share with those who would hear. Also there was miracles brought forth for all to see. The purpose was for those who had hard heart to know there was a God of Great power and also wonderful love for them to believe. This precious Man who was Jesus continue each day with praise to His Father in Heaven. No Pride for Himself did He showed. Only to His heavenly Father where it belong.He continue His daily walk with God; You know The Great I Am. To teach, heal and share of all He knew of or our Heavenly Father Amen. To really say this. In my heart I believe it was God in the flesh. Yes I do believe. Jesus continue… Yes He did till the time came to show what he must do for all who would believe. To sacrifice His body for the sins of this world. For the devil had the key to death and Jesus was the only hope for you and me. He was crucified with no cause of guilt of wrong. But man of earth would not heed. They found a way to make it ok.Yes make it ok for them to do indeed. To put Jesus to that tree. Those nails that pierce His hands and His feet. The sword that pierced His side. The blood that poured out for all to see. The agony upon His face. The sound of Him crying for those who could hear. To His Heavenly  Father He pleaded.  Oh Jesus the Son of God How precious you are to me today. To know you done this; so that  they could say then ….  HE IS THE SON OF GOD! Amen They bowed their head. Those people then. They knew they we’re standing before God’s Son.Then a man called Joseph ask for the body of Jesus. He laid Him in a tomb made of stone. The king who was Pilate had a stone rolled in front of it. So no one would take the body Of Jesus. To claim he had arose. But it did not keep the promise of God for you see there was a great earth quake which rolled that stone away and on the third day Jesus rose from that grave. Yes he walked the earth again to show what he had said he would do. To give his life for man.Because of what Jesus did. We now have hope of eternal life with Him Amen

Pray this prayer with me.

 Dear Heavenly Father we come to you so humble and filled with gratefulness.You gave your Son to set us free from the devil’s grip.  Thank you precious Jesus. Thank you  Jesus Amen & Amen……. He then ascended to Heaven on clouds before them. And left this one message to spread God’s Holy Gospel to all the earth… Amen

A Story of truth From The Books of  Matthew, Mark and John. 

Written by  By Rev. Victoria Witt.

Inspired by God Holy Spirit


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