Christian Love

For God so Love the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him Should not perish, but have everlasting life.For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.

John 3:16-17

Christian Love is not contained in Temples that men have made. Which will fall in time. Or close because noone believes.

But temple within us; by the Holy Spirit of God. A temple that cannot be destroyed by men of this world. Yes it is wonderful to join as a body of Christ. To worship Him. It uplifts us all.  And we become strong. Praise God. But if it does not go further and stays within those stones that contain. We are not doing what God has ask us to do. To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior .

Some of us would say then. We have no worth. No knowledge. You are so wrong in that thinking. Remember you was put on this earth for a purpose. In God’s will you could do wonders for Him. He does take the simple minds like children and trains the way He wants you to be. Giving, teaching, preaching, healing, sacrificing, hoping, praying, loving which is the first of these.

With the love of God within us. We are free to spread the news of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We are able to show for the Love of Jesus; the way He showed it when he walk this earth. Self centeredness cannot be in us. We must expand and bring forth that which Jesus taught us. To Love; not worldly love but God’s pure love. To Give untill you cannot give no more. To sacrifice, to give up that which does not pertain to God’s laws. Jesus seemed to always say … Go and sin no more. Go forth and learn of God’s will for your life. Then get out into the world while you can and reach out with love and understanding for others that are outside that wall.

In Jesus Holy Name Amen


The Voice Of God

I was ask recently what does God’s voice sound like?

At that time I had no words to describe Him; our wonderful Heavenly Father.

Then moments later He spoke to me.

This is what he said.

His voice is the feeling of knowing, seeing with the mind’s eye.

Hear from your heart that knows and recognizes love and understanding

of good.

The wind around you, which makes you feel free of temptation that wants

to stir you into confusion of many lies.

God speaks to you in ways that you will understand.

They are…



Peace and Happiness within oneself.

Not as the world knows it.

But God Love.

Yes God’s voice is like that of  thunder above the earth.

Great noise  of the earth-shaking, just by Him speaking …

Remove this mountain.

A child at birth crying…

I want to live.

Many voices praising and singing to glorified God.

One who shows God’s love…

Sincere love.

Yes the voice of God is heard.

His children…

Us who believes in Him and Him only.

Will hear Him and talk to Him.

Praise you Father.

Always and forever.

I am so weak .

But thou are strong to get me through times that seem to last so very long.

Thank you God

In Jesus precious Name


Do You Feel Comfortable With God

If not.  Why?

 In our  life we do struggle with many things that confronts us. Money, Lust, greed, property. This list  could go on and on. Have they become a God to you. Are they more important so that they take all your will power from you; your time. God is a merciful God. But he is also a jealous God.  Thou shall have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20:3) God wants us to worship Him and Him only. Ask Him for forgiveness. Repent of your sins. Believe that Jesus died for your sins. And was raised in a tomb. Leaving while ascending up in Heaven. Promising that He would return. To take us unto Him; Those who believe and are sanctified Holy. God will begin to direct your path in which He has for you. Yes they’re will be sacrifices. But if you really truly are sincere and tired of what this world has given you. You know the things that do not last… But perish in time. You will begin to notice that what was important to you will slowly become NOT important. He will shape you and mold you into a new man .   God needs us so very much. Many seeds need to be planted into good ground. It is you and I who must begin the walk for God. In all we do. You may think that we do not do much showing Jesus’s love. But His love is so easy to give once you have Him in your heart. His Holy Spirit is so real. He will guide you in so many ways that you are capable in doing. God’s Holy Gifts will be given you as you grow in His Grace. Merciful and love. Which is our Father in Heaven. As Jesus has said long ago. Follow me and I will make you fishers of men. ( Matthew 4:19) Be patient and wait upon Him. Follows God’s ways… Not your ways. His Holy Spirit will lead you. Wait upon Him. What a service you will be for our Heavenly Father.

Father In Heaven we come before you. Asking for repents of our sins. We ask for strength and guidness in your walk daily. Not swaying this way or that. But strait. For you have said. .. Because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7: 14.)

In Jesus Holy Name AMEN & AMEN

Show Forth Love Of God

The Love of God is so wonderful and so peaceful. God’s wonderous love can calm the storms of life…  Just by asking Him and believing. Our faith in Him depends on how God is in our life. We must hold tight to God with all we have  in believing in Him. Like Peter getting out of the boat to walk to Jesus. He had faith as that of a muster seed. But yet Peter was willing to go to Jesus. He then was distracted of all that was around him. He began to sink and cried to Jesus to reach for him and help him. Jesus then said oh ye of little faith… Why did you doubt?

 What he said then. Also was said when all of them was in a boat. It was toss with the waves. Fears was upon them and they cried oh master please help. He arose from a sleep and calm the storm. It seems that the flesh of men will bring forth feelings of fear and worry. We must bring forth all our weakness to God. He will gradually calm the storms of life so that you can walk with him. He fills you with His wonderous love in which you will show His love to others who want to know him.

You will show





All these emotion do come together as one. One will see you are a Christian and love the Lord shown all around you.

They will begin to feel calmness and reassurance. Knowing they are not alone. For God love is coming forth to you always and forever. We too must have that kind of faith. Yes those  circumstances around us will be calm by our sweet Jesus… Our Lord and Savior


















A Man Called Jesus

There was a man so long ago. Who came to earth that day. He was a lowly man who didn’t own properties of any kind. He was just a humble man. When he was born. He was born in a manger made of hay. Those who had witness his birth was of a few that day. Later came honor and praise of three wise men who brought forth gifts; They we’re Gold, frankincense and myrrh. Yes this precious child was blessed with gift as that of a king. He was taught by his earthly father and his precious mother the very best they knew how to give. For you see he was very special… Very special indeed. He also was guide and taught from another who loved Him so. He was God the great I am. Who taught him well you know. Yes the child name is Jesus the Son of our Heavenly Father. Yes Jesus was humble and walked this earth so long ago. Yes he walked the many mile to bring forth that which His Father in heaven had for Him to share with those who would hear. Also there was miracles brought forth for all to see. The purpose was for those who had hard heart to know there was a God of Great power and also wonderful love for them to believe. This precious Man who was Jesus continue each day with praise to His Father in Heaven. No Pride for Himself did He showed. Only to His heavenly Father where it belong.He continue His daily walk with God; You know The Great I Am. To teach, heal and share of all He knew of or our Heavenly Father Amen. To really say this. In my heart I believe it was God in the flesh. Yes I do believe. Jesus continue… Yes He did till the time came to show what he must do for all who would believe. To sacrifice His body for the sins of this world. For the devil had the key to death and Jesus was the only hope for you and me. He was crucified with no cause of guilt of wrong. But man of earth would not heed. They found a way to make it ok.Yes make it ok for them to do indeed. To put Jesus to that tree. Those nails that pierce His hands and His feet. The sword that pierced His side. The blood that poured out for all to see. The agony upon His face. The sound of Him crying for those who could hear. To His Heavenly  Father He pleaded.  Oh Jesus the Son of God How precious you are to me today. To know you done this; so that  they could say then ….  HE IS THE SON OF GOD! Amen They bowed their head. Those people then. They knew they we’re standing before God’s Son.Then a man called Joseph ask for the body of Jesus. He laid Him in a tomb made of stone. The king who was Pilate had a stone rolled in front of it. So no one would take the body Of Jesus. To claim he had arose. But it did not keep the promise of God for you see there was a great earth quake which rolled that stone away and on the third day Jesus rose from that grave. Yes he walked the earth again to show what he had said he would do. To give his life for man.Because of what Jesus did. We now have hope of eternal life with Him Amen

Pray this prayer with me.

 Dear Heavenly Father we come to you so humble and filled with gratefulness.You gave your Son to set us free from the devil’s grip.  Thank you precious Jesus. Thank you  Jesus Amen & Amen……. He then ascended to Heaven on clouds before them. And left this one message to spread God’s Holy Gospel to all the earth… Amen

A Story of truth From The Books of  Matthew, Mark and John. 

Written by  By Rev. Victoria Witt.

Inspired by God Holy Spirit

God Is Wonderful

Do you know God is wonderful.

I feel His peace upon me.

His assurance inside me.

Oh how wonderful He is.

He loves us so very, very much.

He is standing right by me.

He is touching and healing me.

I feel His warmth inside me.

Oh what sweet rest I feel.

His Glory I see through me.

He will take care of me.

He has taken care of me.

Praise His Holy name.

Amen & AMEN

This is a praise To God our Father

God the Son

God the Holy Spirit




Praise You Father who heals all our pain, affliction and trials of our life.