A Stone Of Burdens

What is this?

 A stone in front of me.

Just laying there for me to stumble on.

It’s purposely there for me to stumble and fall.

Fall from my life’s purpose of being who I am.

This cannot be.

It will distract me from that which I wish and love to do.

I’ll just remove it from its place…

It will not stay.

The stone in which I write about is that which

seems to come in one’s life to distract.

It can be



Troubles that are not yet.


Burdens that are so many.


No faith and many more.

These stones of life are always there to make one fall.

But if that happens.

 Just pick yourself up and kick that stone away from you.

Let it not over power you.

For great is He who is in you…

Than he who is in this world.

If you cannot bear it alone… 

 Seek the help you need.

 If it is too heavy to pick up.

Just go to God in prayer  believing in Him;

For He is always there.

 He will guide you through and pick up those stones.

Casting them into the sea of  forgetfulness.

No more will they stumble you into confusion .

He will heal  you and sooth you with the ointment of pure love from above.

Jesus is the answer…

The only answer…

He will cast all your burdens away.



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