Issues Of Life

A thought came to me.

And I felt I needed to write it.

Many things in our walk with God do come into

our mind.

Am I walking close to God?

Is there still hatred in my heart for my brothers and sisters in this world?

Did I hurt or lie.

Many, many issues face us all.

In my life I too suffer this.

I go to God in the spirit in prayer.

Asking Him to forgive me of all my sins.

I lay them at  His Feet.

He lets me know all is forgiven.

But if there is matters that can be corrected and you can  face them…

Do go to that matter and correct all that was done.

That will leave your mind.

You will feel free.

Yes the flesh will now and then bring it forth to you.

But rebuke the devil.

For it is one of his tricks to make you fall from the grace of God.

Rebuke him in the name…

Of Jesus

The Son of GOD

Our Lord and Savior



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