I Am Not Gone

I am not gone.

But lay at rest.

God has seen I had done my best.

What he seen is the work that He had me do.

I must tell ya there was a few.

But the GREAT I AM…

Knew what I could do.

God did see that I done well.

The Joy and the peace from Him

I could really feel.

His joy always brought me happiness.

He now says to me.

Rest my child.

Your work is done.

Your seeds you have planted will grow and prosper.

They will bring forth the good fruits of life and prosperity.

No I am not gone.

I will live on.

I really did enjoy it was  like singing a song.

My heart dancing to life as I was going along.

My love for all of those I met.

I will tell you now…

I have no regrets.

No I am not gone.

I am  just at rest.

You can weep, for it must be

for that time and moment.

But not too long.

For I am with Jesus you see.

And oh how happy I am.

To be free of pain and misery.

Worshipping our God.

 Now Keep a watchful eye.

It won’t be long.

Jesus our Savior is coming with His outstretched arms.




( This is dedicated to those who have lost a love one so dear to them. May this be a comfort. )



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