A Stone Of Burdens

What is this?

 A stone in front of me.

Just laying there for me to stumble on.

It’s purposely there for me to stumble and fall.

Fall from my life’s purpose of being who I am.

This cannot be.

It will distract me from that which I wish and love to do.

I’ll just remove it from its place…

It will not stay.

The stone in which I write about is that which

seems to come in one’s life to distract.

It can be



Troubles that are not yet.


Burdens that are so many.


No faith and many more.

These stones of life are always there to make one fall.

But if that happens.

 Just pick yourself up and kick that stone away from you.

Let it not over power you.

For great is He who is in you…

Than he who is in this world.

If you cannot bear it alone… 

 Seek the help you need.

 If it is too heavy to pick up.

Just go to God in prayer  believing in Him;

For He is always there.

 He will guide you through and pick up those stones.

Casting them into the sea of  forgetfulness.

No more will they stumble you into confusion .

He will heal  you and sooth you with the ointment of pure love from above.

Jesus is the answer…

The only answer…

He will cast all your burdens away.



The Worries That Should Not Be


Wondering what if.

Missing the mark of purpose.

Gone from hope you thought was your.

Feeling very lonely.

Thoughts that contain such lingering shadows of doubts…

And death.

How does one grasp hold to the reality of faith within the soul.

How does one hold true to believing they will be alright.

I feel it’s the spirit of love, caring… 

 Knowing you are not alone.

Reflection Of Time (via Vick712000’s Blog)

Time is like that as a time peace which we study
as we go along with moments given us.

A clock that show minutes and seconds of life's  motion in circles. Like ripples in water which goes on and on. Slowly moving forward. Never stopping for nothing or no one. Only in your mind that would  be. For life would end right there. It's like traveling on the journey. Which will lead you to somewhere. Showing clearly what will be before you in time's space. … Read More

via Vick712000's Blog

I Am Not Gone

I am not gone.

But lay at rest.

God has seen I had done my best.

What he seen is the work that He had me do.

I must tell ya there was a few.

But the GREAT I AM…

Knew what I could do.

God did see that I done well.

The Joy and the peace from Him

I could really feel.

His joy always brought me happiness.

He now says to me.

Rest my child.

Your work is done.

Your seeds you have planted will grow and prosper.

They will bring forth the good fruits of life and prosperity.

No I am not gone.

I will live on.

I really did enjoy it was  like singing a song.

My heart dancing to life as I was going along.

My love for all of those I met.

I will tell you now…

I have no regrets.

No I am not gone.

I am  just at rest.

You can weep, for it must be

for that time and moment.

But not too long.

For I am with Jesus you see.

And oh how happy I am.

To be free of pain and misery.

Worshipping our God.

 Now Keep a watchful eye.

It won’t be long.

Jesus our Savior is coming with His outstretched arms.




( This is dedicated to those who have lost a love one so dear to them. May this be a comfort. )


Issues Of Life

A thought came to me.

And I felt I needed to write it.

Many things in our walk with God do come into

our mind.

Am I walking close to God?

Is there still hatred in my heart for my brothers and sisters in this world?

Did I hurt or lie.

Many, many issues face us all.

In my life I too suffer this.

I go to God in the spirit in prayer.

Asking Him to forgive me of all my sins.

I lay them at  His Feet.

He lets me know all is forgiven.

But if there is matters that can be corrected and you can  face them…

Do go to that matter and correct all that was done.

That will leave your mind.

You will feel free.

Yes the flesh will now and then bring it forth to you.

But rebuke the devil.

For it is one of his tricks to make you fall from the grace of God.

Rebuke him in the name…

Of Jesus

The Son of GOD

Our Lord and Savior


Harmony Of Life

Many talents to share.

Would anyone care?

I believe we must.

To grow and mature.

Planting seeds along the way of knowledge and wisdom…

The things of life that we understand and have excepted to learn.

Some will accept.

Some will not.

But at least you have tried and that is a plus.

To be part of life music and motion.

Which blends together like a song.

Will go a long way like the wind.

By Rev. Victoria Ann Witt

(No temple do I have made with men’s hands)


So many of us seek to find who we really are.

Putting on special clothing, makeup.

Lifting, tucking.

This will bring forth the answer about you.

Just for a while it stay.

Then it vanishes…

Goes away.

Seek who you are by what you have done that

taught you how to be.

To prosper.

To grow.

Then you will know.