I Do Not Harbor There

Pull the anchor up to your self.

Pull away from that which haunts you.

Hurts you within and without.

Those things that happened.

And was wrong is done.

It is finish.

Do not harbor on  things that you cannot change.

Pull your anchor up and turn away from that which has afflicted

you long enough.

Robbing you of joy and happiness that is supposed to be.

Go to that one who will shelter you with hope and promises.

To build you up to be better than you ever thought you could be.

Do not harbor thoughts that will tear you down to nothing.

I know of these feelings

I know of abuse..

Unnatural love before my time.

Abuse of self afflictions.

Abuse of not letting go.

This cannot be no more.

God is still on the throne.

And he lives in my heart and yours.

Do not harbor there no more where

pain is still wanting to hold on.

Troubles continue to grab at you.

Pull up your anchor and harbor there no more.

Go an harbor in the arms….

Of God.

The Great I am.

The Everlasting Father

the Prince  of  Peace



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