I Do Not Harbor There

Pull the anchor up to your self.

Pull away from that which haunts you.

Hurts you within and without.

Those things that happened.

And was wrong is done.

It is finish.

Do not harbor on  things that you cannot change.

Pull your anchor up and turn away from that which has afflicted

you long enough.

Robbing you of joy and happiness that is supposed to be.

Go to that one who will shelter you with hope and promises.

To build you up to be better than you ever thought you could be.

Do not harbor thoughts that will tear you down to nothing.

I know of these feelings

I know of abuse..

Unnatural love before my time.

Abuse of self afflictions.

Abuse of not letting go.

This cannot be no more.

God is still on the throne.

And he lives in my heart and yours.

Do not harbor there no more where

pain is still wanting to hold on.

Troubles continue to grab at you.

Pull up your anchor and harbor there no more.

Go an harbor in the arms….

Of God.

The Great I am.

The Everlasting Father

the Prince  of  Peace



We Ask

We ask God to bless this world.

But yet we question whether he hears us.

Have faith….

Have faith!

For if you really understand God.

You will see before you that he does hear.

And already has answer your prayer.

The Blessing is YOU…

It is ME.

We all together can make a difference.

We already started by asking God blessing.

Ask Him to lead and direct your path in all

you must do.

Acknowledge Him He will direct your path.

You will began to see changes around you.

Many will join.

Many will believe there is still hope for

 this world that God Had created.

Praise the Lord

Thunder and Lighting

Thunder and lighting cracking the skies.

I look all around me…

And wonder why.

Why is God angry…

Why does He cry?

My tears also flowing…

Then I understand why.

Wars of many kind.

Division of land due to jealousy and greed.

Pride of the heart above God you see.

No thankfulness and humbleness.

No pure love for one another.

Just wanting and taking away.

What happen to loving your neighbor?

What happen to caring for one another.

What happen I plead.

Thats why there is thunder and lighting.

Of fear force in the sky.

Do you wonder why?

Ocean Of Blood

A vision of blood before me.

Nature crying and screaming…

Why Me.

Don’t you see what you have done.

They look at me and wag their heads.

You are causing our death.

Don’t you see the Blood.

Please stop…

Stop and think of what you have done.

 We must set aside our differences.

We all must join in unity.

For this world is in danger.

For you and me.

We  must stop and see.

To clean the lakes and ocean’s streams.

The trees…

Be careful of their seeds.

For perhaps someday they might not come back again.

Due to the Blood of the land of greed.

By Rev. Victoria A. Witt

No temple do I have made with men’s hands.

May 20, 2010

A Mother Of All

You who bear no child.

You who feel alone and empty.

Lift your head.

If You reach for a child of the world

If you give encouraging words to the hearts that need so much understanding.

If you Hold a child who need so much love and knowing some ones cares.


Yes You.

Are a mother of all.

Feeding and clothing those without a home…

You are a Mother of all.

Talking to them and listening to what is on their heart…

And you look into their eyes.

You are a Mother of all.

You too bear life with pain and sorrow.

You are a Mother of all.

Happy Mothers Day

 Thank you for being there.

A Woman Who Is Strength

Beauty, Love

Caring, Giving

Wanting, Trusting

So many have and so many will continue…

 When life is coming forth.

 With the cry a new birth…

Do you hear me.

I am wanted.

I am needed.

By those which were joined with love…

In one flesh.

Pure love.

She will show me beauty, love, caring, giving, wanting and trust.

And so much more.

She has begun and will continue with all she understands of life.

She will watch over me.

Never will she leave.

For she live within my heart.

She is my …