Many Soldiers in many ways.

Above the ground…

Beneath what lays.

Their Blood runs red and black as coal.

I hope and pray they know …

They are not alone.

So many of us pray and think of them.

Knowing that they would give their all.

They never look back…

They knew what was ahead.

Many will die, they will be laid at rest.

Many will live to tell the stories of what was done.

You will know they had done their best…

They done their own.

To give their all…

So we can live.

Brave Soldiers they have become.

Let us honor them.

For without them…


We have no place to stay.

We have no place to pray.

The things and substance that keep us warm.

There would be no more.

On those many cold days.

Comfort and security.

A bed to lay our heads.

Yes Soldiers in so many ways.

I Salute them Today.

Our many Service Men and Women.

Our volunteers of many purpose.

Protecting life’s worth.

Yes I Salute our Solder of many uniforms that give us freedom and liberty.

We should never take it for granted for all that they have done for you and me.

For you see we are free.

Not to cut each other down.

But to lift each other in this life that is so tuff.

I Salute and will not stand back.

Who continue to give their all.

I see helmets of many differences.

But they all are the same.

To serve us and give us freedom.

Oh how blessed we are Today.

Written by

Victoria A Witt

March 2, 2017


Where Are You

Where are you Today?

Are you where you want to Be?

Was you lead because of your decisions?

Many of us think we decide our destiny.

But perhaps that is not quite correct.

Possible those; good or bad has influence you…

 your direction of life.

I wonder…

Where are you?