A Beginning Of New Life

Little Bunnies

Little Beeps and little Ducks

Little Children at your feet.

With so much


Yes they will test you that for sure.

Ask God above to make you pure.

To give you strength and understanding.

For you will see you will be standing.

With courage and strength and wisdom to add.

Then your heart will be very glad.

For the Children you have of many kind.

What they say.

What they know.

Are you listening.

They are not alone.

For more will come.

To begin again.

To give us Sun Shine and some rain.

To bring forth a

Rainbow of a Beautiful…



Children Play

Laughing and playing.

Imagination is flying so very high.

Just like many kites.

We as love ones are holding tight to the strings of life.

Not to far…

But just in sight.

Swaying this way and that.

Hold on to your hat.

For someday they will grow.

 Going with the breeze…

That we cannot see.

The joy and cares they will share.

Be patient in time.

For you see.

Someday they will go with the breeze from thee.

A Look Within

Draw a circle on a paper.

Within the circle put your name there.

Now all that you cherish in you life

write it in the circle with you.

Look and study.

You must be truthful with your self.

Is it what you want to be?

Can there be improvement?

Are you willing to change?

Is it of good nature?

Are you giving and sharing?

Or is it full of pride of yourself.

You know what I am talking about.

( I did this and I did that).

Wanting, wanting wanting.

And not giving back.

Our Mansion So Fair Over There

They tell of a home up in Heaven.

It’s built by God’s Holy hands.

For He puts in our heart a great promise.

To show that He really does care.


A mansion so far up in Heaven.

A home for the souls of God.

They tell of a home up in Heaven.

A mansion so fair over there.


Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

On whom you know you can depend.

To boldly bow down before Him.

To pray for God’s love…

To enter in.



A mansion so far in Heaven.

A home for the souls of God.

They tell of a home up in Heaven.

A mansion so fair over there.


As we enter our door of our mansion.

We will see all our love ones before.

And worship our Father before us.

With beauty and love every where

With beauty and love every where


By  Rev. Victoria A. Witt & Her Sister  Elizabeth Hoffman

There Will Be A Day

No more pain.

No More wars.

No more tears or sadness.

Love and peace will become our friend.

No judging.

No degrading.

No greed.

No other gods…

But one.

He who created us at the beginning of time.

The time when all was a promise of  His presence here on earth.

Seeing and believing in Him with no doubt.

No fear.

No hopelessness.

No depression…

Because  there was need of oneself.

No jealousies.

No more lies.

No eliminating life that should have  continue with purpose…

We all have purpose.

Yes there will be a day that all this confusion will be no more.

When will it be?