A Creek of Life

A creek is like that as a river, but yet it is smaller.

Streaming where ever it may.

Gathering much that is along the way.

Many seeds and plants that are so young.

Following along with it…

Become part of it.

Going into places unknown.

The creek becomes stronger in its travel.

Untill one day the Sun comes upon it…

Drying all of that it is  away.

That which follows…

 Dies along with it.

No more do they prosper and live.

 Now the creek that i am talking about  is that of many people who teaches; leaders and elders.

Those who understand more of life.

Some are Good…

Some are bad.

They that are good will lead you to prosperity and long life.

Learning of all that life has to grow and give.

Like that creek which finds itself to a river, which flows to a great ocean.

That one who is a teacher of wrong.

 Will lead you to self centerness of destruction…

A creek of no good direction, which vanishes and is no more.

Let our learning of life be of good for all.


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