The Potter’s Clay That Is Formed

Forming, shaping, molding.

The Potter does that with us each day.

Who is the Potter?

He is God.

When we except Him as our personal Savior.

He begins to form us in what he wants us to be for Him.

Beautiful we become.

With purpose we are needed.

Different things are within.

They are of good.

That which I speak of is life.

But sometime we tend to want to turn away and be on our own.

We begin  be filled with many wrong influences.

Worldly enjoyments.

Fleshly desire .

That God does not approve.

Causing the vessel to crack and break.

Feeling hopeless.

 We feel nothing but depression and no interested in what is important to us.

The feeling of purpose and life is gone.

The vessel cannot be used.

You set like a vessel in your mind on a shelf.

Collecting dust; the dust of the past.

There is no more use.

You cannot contain anything but yourself.

 Is there hope for such a vessel again?

Is there any purpose for one that’s broken and shatter?

A question to each one of us who suffer this way.

The answer is yes.

He is…

God the Father

God  the Son

God the Holy Spirit.

He will mold you and mend you as a new vessel.

For you will show a different appearance of what life

within and out is all about.

You will be over flowing with many things to share with the world that you live in…





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