Walking With My Father And Brother

A vision I see.

Walking on a trail of life.

Not alone…


I see walking with me is God and Jesus.

Oh How I feel…

Confident in every step I take.

Knowing I am not alone.

They both showing all the beauty of life that is before me.

The rainbow of promise.

The courage within.

Arms holding me close.

Oh I feel the Holy Spirit giving me comfort .

The light is so bright on this journey.

I fear no evil.

God is there.

Jesus is there.

The Holy Spirit is within me.

Snares come upon me.

They tear them away.

Rocks to make me stumble.

Are kicked away for a clear path.

Beast that would devour me…

Their mouth is closed; peace is upon them.

This journey is long.

But I will not be weak.

I will not be lost.

For God The Father.

God the Son.

God The Holy Spirit.

Is right there walking with me.

Praise God on High.



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