A Creek of Life

A creek is like that as a river, but yet it is smaller.

Streaming where ever it may.

Gathering much that is along the way.

Many seeds and plants that are so young.

Following along with it…

Become part of it.

Going into places unknown.

The creek becomes stronger in its travel.

Untill one day the Sun comes upon it…

Drying all of that it is  away.

That which follows…

 Dies along with it.

No more do they prosper and live.

 Now the creek that i am talking about  is that of many people who teaches; leaders and elders.

Those who understand more of life.

Some are Good…

Some are bad.

They that are good will lead you to prosperity and long life.

Learning of all that life has to grow and give.

Like that creek which finds itself to a river, which flows to a great ocean.

That one who is a teacher of wrong.

 Will lead you to self centerness of destruction…

A creek of no good direction, which vanishes and is no more.

Let our learning of life be of good for all.


Reaching For The Sky

I reach for the sky.

Grabbing all possibilities of gifts that will build me up.

Using the abilities given to me by God.

Knowing that I will not be alone in this challenges given me of life’s adventures.

For God is there; right there.

Growing within myself…

Because I believe.

Yes stumbling and falling with wrong decisions or temptation of life

will pull me this way or that.

But my faith is in God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

He will sooth me with His Holy ointment and lift me up to go on with

what I must do for His Glory and Praise.

In Jesus Name Amen.

The Potter’s Clay That Is Formed

Forming, shaping, molding.

The Potter does that with us each day.

Who is the Potter?

He is God.

When we except Him as our personal Savior.

He begins to form us in what he wants us to be for Him.

Beautiful we become.

With purpose we are needed.

Different things are within.

They are of good.

That which I speak of is life.

But sometime we tend to want to turn away and be on our own.

We begin  be filled with many wrong influences.

Worldly enjoyments.

Fleshly desire .

That God does not approve.

Causing the vessel to crack and break.

Feeling hopeless.

 We feel nothing but depression and no interested in what is important to us.

The feeling of purpose and life is gone.

The vessel cannot be used.

You set like a vessel in your mind on a shelf.

Collecting dust; the dust of the past.

There is no more use.

You cannot contain anything but yourself.

 Is there hope for such a vessel again?

Is there any purpose for one that’s broken and shatter?

A question to each one of us who suffer this way.

The answer is yes.

He is…

God the Father

God  the Son

God the Holy Spirit.

He will mold you and mend you as a new vessel.

For you will show a different appearance of what life

within and out is all about.

You will be over flowing with many things to share with the world that you live in…




Walking With My Father And Brother

A vision I see.

Walking on a trail of life.

Not alone…


I see walking with me is God and Jesus.

Oh How I feel…

Confident in every step I take.

Knowing I am not alone.

They both showing all the beauty of life that is before me.

The rainbow of promise.

The courage within.

Arms holding me close.

Oh I feel the Holy Spirit giving me comfort .

The light is so bright on this journey.

I fear no evil.

God is there.

Jesus is there.

The Holy Spirit is within me.

Snares come upon me.

They tear them away.

Rocks to make me stumble.

Are kicked away for a clear path.

Beast that would devour me…

Their mouth is closed; peace is upon them.

This journey is long.

But I will not be weak.

I will not be lost.

For God The Father.

God the Son.

God The Holy Spirit.

Is right there walking with me.

Praise God on High.


The Little Gifts Of Life

Walking a path of life you will come across many things that you will face.

Are they a bother or a blessing… Hum.

Do you kick it way?

Move it to the side so you can go on?

Or do you stop and appreciate what it is about in your  journey?

Life is amazing to us all.

One will wonder is there a purpose.

Or is it one to push away.

I don’t believe that things that come into our life is accidental.

There is a reason and we must seek it.

Is it for comfort?

To Learn?

To grow in prosperity in mind and soul?

Yes the little gifts of life are given to us.

To challenge and to win.

God does allowed them.

We make a choice what to do.

The gift of life is now.


Knowing for sure that what you believe in…

 Is true.

The Sun that gives us light

A home that shelter us from the storms.

Our loveones and friends who are there for you.

Our Heavenly Father who loves us so.





Just knowing it is our faith.

And holding on to the truth.