We Cry For Help

We cry for help.

We cry for fear of being alone.

Hungry we are.

Cold is our bodies.

Stillness lays upon the ground.

No home do I have.

For it is no more.

My life is shatter.

My tears flow like a river upon me.

Flooding my soul that feel so lost.

Many will say and ask why.

Where is the answer.

Who will help the need.


If we are the children of God.

We are the answer…

We are the ones who can help.

If we reach out with the love of God.

We show God how true we believe.

God the father

God The Son

God The Holy Spirit.

Please Bless the people of Haiti.

God you ask us.

Are our eyes now open.

Do we feel grieve and pain for others who are


Please help us all to see.



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