HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010. Remember To Smile For God Loves You.


A new year has begun.
What an adventure this year will be.
How shall we  begin.
Praising God is the first thing we should do.
For He has really pulled us  through those tuff times that we  had.
Now that is in the past and I’m so glad.
This year will be special you will see.
For I know and I believe…
God is right here for you and me.
We can make a difference each day we are given.
With God’s Holy guidness.
And His forgiveness
To show sunshine to everyone we meet.
Lift a spirit when in need.
To give each day a special touch from God. Oh some will ask you where is God. Why doesn’t He care. So low they feel. They are in deep dispair. We then with God’s guidness say he is right there. In the one who shows they care. It’s in the smile. It’s in the tears. It’s when you hold them so very near. They will feel the love thats for sure. Or turn away and want no more. You did try and done your best. Give it to God. He will do the rest. For God so loves this world. He wishes not one of us to perish. God has welcome this new year. Lift up your hands please do not fear. Give glory to the King of Kings. Eternal life He give to those who will believe. With God’s Holy Spirit he will guide us through.
May God Bless You in this coming year.
Love Through Christ Our Savior and King
of Salvation
Jesus Christ Our Lord



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