Drifting Time

A moment…

A breath of a new beginning.

A time now in front of me…

Around me…

Within me.

Taking steps in front of me.

In mind and in spirit.

Flexing my body to what approaches me.

Dodging many obstacles that don’t fit in.

Time still drifting…

 Like rivers of water…

Moving in one direction…

Never stopping.

Going where it can.

Like the wind it too.

Moves in all directions.

Showing where it’s been.

Drifting time.

Watching motion of life’s purpose of



Now Is The Time For Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

We come to you now.

We who Believe in you.

We who believe that Jesus died for our sins and affliction of life.

We ask Father in Heaven to forgive us for our lack in faith in you.

Deliver us from evil.

To forgive us our sins and transgressions.

Please Father in Jesus name.

Give us peace within.

Show us how to love one another.

It is needed so much today.

Please show us how to help others who are in so much need.

Give us the strength each day given to us by You Father.

To be able to lift other out of pain and hurt.

Let us show your love.

In Jesus Holy Precious Name



Jesus Taking Us Home

Long ago this earth was made.

By God’s holy hands.

Earth was filled with love and peace.

This was God’s holy plan.

But through it all satin came.

Destroying God’s work.

Death and pain was man reward.

For the sins that they had done.

For the sins that they had done.


No more peace.

No more love.

Hate is everywhere.

Sin has come and  planed to stay.

For mans in deep despair.

Eyes are blind.

Ears are death.

God’s word they do not heed.

God was mad.

What could he do.

To man who went so mean

To man who went so mean.


Believers of God .

Came to earth.

To prove that God exist.

Miracles and wonderment.

To those who did believe.

Some did hear and followed Him.

The believers of God’s word.

God then seen there was a chance.

For man to hear the truth.

For man to hear the truth.


Jesus came to show God’s love.

Through teaching that he knew.

His Heavenly Father spoke to Him.

And gave Him power too.

Each man He healed and blessed that day.

God’s healing was there that day

But yet again the serpent came.

Laying Jesus in a tomb.

Laying Jesus in a tomb.


The third day came after Jesus death..

Jesus rose that wonderous day.

He walked along with those He knew.

And then He went away.

But this one thing He said to them.

I’ll be back again someday.

For my Father’s word will never die.

While men keep it alive.

While men keep it alive.


This story here it is so true.

Our Jesus knows  are ways.

For everyday he walked the earth.

He had very much to say.

Be true to God.

Trust in His words.

Please show you really care.

For someday soon He will return.

To take us all away

To take us all away.


By Victoria Ann Witt ( A Song of God)

Real Good Feeling

Oh feel the presence Of God.

His warmth surrounds you.

His love goes into you.

He speaks softly to you.

Stop and listen.

Block the world of trouble from you.

God is right there.

Lean on Him.

Trust Him

Believe in Him.

God is our hope

Our hope of eternal life with him.

He will lift you up.

He will make you strong.

God will fill you up with His

wonderful love.

It is a real good feeling.

Is There Time

Is there time for us to change?

Is there time for us to be right.

Can we as human beings become different

into today’s world of unjust.

Can we make a differ in this world

that we live in?

Many questions.

Many thoughts of what to do.

Were to start.

It starts with me…

It starts with you.

Right now is the time given us.

To believe in ourself for the good.

The bad must stop.

Turn away from it.

Yes there is time…

It is  now.

We Cry For Help

We cry for help.

We cry for fear of being alone.

Hungry we are.

Cold is our bodies.

Stillness lays upon the ground.

No home do I have.

For it is no more.

My life is shatter.

My tears flow like a river upon me.

Flooding my soul that feel so lost.

Many will say and ask why.

Where is the answer.

Who will help the need.


If we are the children of God.

We are the answer…

We are the ones who can help.

If we reach out with the love of God.

We show God how true we believe.

God the father

God The Son

God The Holy Spirit.

Please Bless the people of Haiti.

God you ask us.

Are our eyes now open.

Do we feel grieve and pain for others who are


Please help us all to see.


Our Faults


 Many mistakes, many weaknesses.

Thoughts of giving up no chance of making a differ in oneself.

But yet deep inside one there is a pull  possibility of hope.

Of need to feel a place to belong.

Who to turn to?

Who will have the wisdom and the mercy to forgive?

Who could  forgive me?

Giving me a chance to prove myself.

That I can do better.

That I can do it.

If I don’t give up on myself.

He is God our Heavenly Father.

He sees us as we are.

Showing us mercy and love.

I lift my eyes to Calvary.

Seeing Jesus who died for me.

God he looked beyond all the wrong  I had done…

All my faults.

And he seen my need of  His wondrous love and mercy