Did You Know

God Our Heavenly Father Loves You…

Yes You.

You ask how can He love us all?

He loves us because each one of us is so different

in ourself.

We show our love in a different way.

Within us there is different talents…

 Gifts that we have…

To show forth to Him.

Yes there is time in one’s life.

 We feel we have no purpose.

But that is a lie.

Not the truth.

We are all important to God.

We have a place in his creation.

Man of the world will not see it.

For they rather see darkness than light.

They rather cleave to those things that will

not last but be gone in times.

God see us and knows there is hope in us.

Go to God in prayer…

Humble prayer.

Ask him in deep sincerety to show what

it is about you that he sees in you.

To help you understand yourself.

Dedicate your life to him.

That will bring forth positive progress.

To bring back life in the light.

God is right there waiting.

Dear Father in Heaven.

We  come to you and ask to forgive us for the lack of faith

in believing that you don’t see any purpose in us.

We  now know that there is special things we can do for you.

We dedicated our life to you.

We ask for repented of our sins.

Please Dear father in Heaven In Jesus Name.

Bring forth that which is within us.

To show us our  light for the world of today and


In Jesus Holy Name Amen


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