Let It Not Be

Let it not be the end of peace on earth.

It is the only hope we have of Jesus’s  Holy Birth.

It began with Him so long ago.

It was God in the flesh you know.

Jesus seen the struggle of every man.

He truly did understand.

The temptation.

The greed.

The judgement that was not right.

Ye who have no sin…

Cast the first stone into flight.


I’ll cast no stone.

No fingers will I point.

For sin has lived in me and for a very long time.

Each day we face…

Each moment that is given…

Is it a test that we must pass?

So Peace on earth can last.

To see what is inside ourself.

Bitter and pride is it still inside?

Lets began right now to check what

must be change….

First give our heart to God in Jesus name.

Repent of our sins…

You will see nothing will be the same.

Slowly ideas and action of one will began to show light…

Of peaceful rain…

peaceful nights.

You will see through God it will be worth the fight.

For Victory will be our’s in all it’s might.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.





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