Truth is seen.

Truth is heard.

Truth is given to those who want to know

who they are.

It is like a bright light which pierces through your

soul due to its radiance glow.

Yes sometime truth hurts.

But learning of it is what we seek most.

 Preparing  yourself  to be quiet in spirit and soul.

Opening  your mind to except what comes forth from it.

Truth can be bad or good.


For it will bring forth prosperity and life abundantly.


 This could be false truth which will bring  forth

destruction and downfalls.

Like that of Eve with the fruit of life.

She was told by the serpent that it would bring

wisdom and not destruction…

Which it did.

Which will be death…

No more existence of what you can be.

It can draw you away or draw you in.

The choice is in you to make.

Don’t be afraid to listen to the truth.

Truth will set you free either way.

Learn and listen.

Make the right choice.

Know of the results. 



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