Storms Of Our Life Within

Within there are many emotion that stir our being.

Ups and downs.

They are like storms within the mind.

Departures and resentments.

How can you get control?

Is it in us to do so?


Start to believe in yourself.

You can make the right choice.

First study what can be done.

Will it make it better or worse?

Will you  be able to go on?

Or will it stop you…

Standing alone.

Giving up.

There is one who is knocking at your door

of your soul.

He is God the Father…

God the Son…

God the Holy Spirit.

Take Him into your heart and soul.

Believe in Him.

A moment at a time is given to you

right now.

Start now and go forward believing

God is right there with you.

Saying to you..

I am here my precious child.

In Jesus Holy Name




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