Coming Home for the Holiday

The Holiday Spirit has come upon me.

I have not felt this for a very long time.

It suddenly has become real to me. Is this an illusion?

Am I really home for the Holiday? I see so many loveones and friend.

 I have not seen for a long time. Some have come from above. They we’re in my childhood of long ago.

Oh how wonderful to see them again. I have missed them so. That love that they gave me I will not forget.

Memories of the past has become real to me again ;right now. Arms holding me close as though saying to me

in a quiet voice… I will never let go.  Gifts of many sizes underneath a  BIG BRIGHT CHRISTMAS TREE.

Setting by a window for all to see.  It seems to be saying to me. You are home for the holiday; at this time.


I have come home and we are all together again. Fill with good memories of long ago. Just for right now. 

Suddenly I see a long banquet table draped with a cloth of beautiful colors of that time in which it is. Hearing  Mom say…

Dinner is on the table. Come help yourself and set a spell. The great big turkey, ham,  potatoes and yams. Bake goods of many delights.

 But the most wonderful  desert  that I loved was my Grandma’s  Spice Cake. Yes we all enjoy that great feast. Done

with loving hands. Then we have a hot cup of  our favorite beverage of many choices. Standing by the old coal stove

to keep warm.

You see that was our way. We then  gather our voices together  and our instruments to play. Singing God’s praise and having a  wonderful day.

Laughter in every corner. Smiles on every face. Oh what joy I felt for just that day in that place called home.

Then I would look over at  Dad and Mom who were  looking over all that  they had done. All who were there in their loving home. Just showing their love

That was their own.

    Those memories will never die.

     For they will live always deep inside.





                                                                                                                                 By Victoria Ann Witt


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