There Is A God

There is a God who cares.

There is a God who understands your pain.

His love brings forth so many emotions.



Sharing with others who are in

need of life’s necessities.

Wanting to lift others out of darkness.

To see a brighter Tomorrow.

But you must believe in the

King of Kings.

The Lord of Lords.

That is Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

The Son of God of our

Heavenly father.


John 3:16-17


Little Hands


Sister Vicki


Little hands that reach for me. 

 They are so small and so tender you see. 

Just like butterflies wings so tenderly made. 

Many colors and shades. 

Hearts of so much love given to you and me… 

                                                       For Just Today. 

                                                         For Tomorrow they fly away. 

                                                      Now is important… 

                                                   Now is the time. 

                                                            Our little ones to rest their heads upon 

                                                         our breasts  of warmth and love. 

                                                    That has come from above. 

                                                  From our Heavenly Father. 

                                                God Bless You Always And Forever… 

                                             Our Little Ones. 

Dancing Fingers Upon The Strings

A song within the mind.

Motion of time starts to spin.

The fingers begin to dance upon the strings.

A voice of  an angel so sweet and soft.

Where is it coming from?

It is in the heart.

Words and notes expressing  the thoughts at this time.

Give or take will do what it will.

 To that one who hears and sees  with the mind’s eyes.

Feeling the motions of the heart within the soul.

Becoming real

Becoming alive.

This is the time to understand what is ahead

for us to believe.

Did You Know

God Our Heavenly Father Loves You…

Yes You.

You ask how can He love us all?

He loves us because each one of us is so different

in ourself.

We show our love in a different way.

Within us there is different talents…

 Gifts that we have…

To show forth to Him.

Yes there is time in one’s life.

 We feel we have no purpose.

But that is a lie.

Not the truth.

We are all important to God.

We have a place in his creation.

Man of the world will not see it.

For they rather see darkness than light.

They rather cleave to those things that will

not last but be gone in times.

God see us and knows there is hope in us.

Go to God in prayer…

Humble prayer.

Ask him in deep sincerety to show what

it is about you that he sees in you.

To help you understand yourself.

Dedicate your life to him.

That will bring forth positive progress.

To bring back life in the light.

God is right there waiting.

Dear Father in Heaven.

We  come to you and ask to forgive us for the lack of faith

in believing that you don’t see any purpose in us.

We  now know that there is special things we can do for you.

We dedicated our life to you.

We ask for repented of our sins.

Please Dear father in Heaven In Jesus Name.

Bring forth that which is within us.

To show us our  light for the world of today and


In Jesus Holy Name Amen

Let It Not Be

Let it not be the end of peace on earth.

It is the only hope we have of Jesus’s  Holy Birth.

It began with Him so long ago.

It was God in the flesh you know.

Jesus seen the struggle of every man.

He truly did understand.

The temptation.

The greed.

The judgement that was not right.

Ye who have no sin…

Cast the first stone into flight.


I’ll cast no stone.

No fingers will I point.

For sin has lived in me and for a very long time.

Each day we face…

Each moment that is given…

Is it a test that we must pass?

So Peace on earth can last.

To see what is inside ourself.

Bitter and pride is it still inside?

Lets began right now to check what

must be change….

First give our heart to God in Jesus name.

Repent of our sins…

You will see nothing will be the same.

Slowly ideas and action of one will began to show light…

Of peaceful rain…

peaceful nights.

You will see through God it will be worth the fight.

For Victory will be our’s in all it’s might.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.





Truth is seen.

Truth is heard.

Truth is given to those who want to know

who they are.

It is like a bright light which pierces through your

soul due to its radiance glow.

Yes sometime truth hurts.

But learning of it is what we seek most.

 Preparing  yourself  to be quiet in spirit and soul.

Opening  your mind to except what comes forth from it.

Truth can be bad or good.


For it will bring forth prosperity and life abundantly.


 This could be false truth which will bring  forth

destruction and downfalls.

Like that of Eve with the fruit of life.

She was told by the serpent that it would bring

wisdom and not destruction…

Which it did.

Which will be death…

No more existence of what you can be.

It can draw you away or draw you in.

The choice is in you to make.

Don’t be afraid to listen to the truth.

Truth will set you free either way.

Learn and listen.

Make the right choice.

Know of the results.