Soldiers Coming Home

May God’s spirit be upon them and within them.

Guiding them each step of the way.

Giving them strength and courage for new days ahead of them.

They had walked many miles were there was   hatred  and  greed.

So that we can be free and have  our liberty.

May peace come to them in their  minds  and in their souls.

That anger that they had carried…

can now be let go.

Let calmness be upon their brow.

Let the joy and laughter come to them again..

Right now.

For this is what they had defend.

Let them feel at home again.

Like a warm blanket laid upon them with so much

love that comes from Mom …

And seeing Dad with so much pride in his heart and in his eyes.

They have  done well  to keep hatred afar…

To keep us alive.

May we all hold them always in our hearts…

And never depart.

Remembering what our soldiers did for us…

And what we can do for them now.

We do it because we are so proud.

Let it come from the heart.

Say it loud and say it clear.

Welcome Home

To You Our

Sons  &  Daughters

Of   The

 United States  Of  America

God Bless The

U. S. A.

Always and forever


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