Flying With The Butterfly

(Dedicated to the dear precious children who are terminally ill and also who suffer in life today)

         God Bless Them Always And Forever.

       If you look into their face…

                                           You see God.


Flying with the butterflies.

 Flying  high above Mother Earth for all to see that I am free.

Clouds become my staircase to climb up to a beautiful place called Heaven.

Smiles on every face I see as they are looking at me.

Encouragement in every word they speak.

Arms like Butterfly wings…

Many colors I see.

Stretch out just for me.

There saying welcome home dear precious  child.

Welcome Home.


I feel time is not here.

Nor is there age.

For God our Heavenly Father is very near…

 In His place of stay with Jesus right there with him.

No worries or fears.

No sickness…

No more pain.

My body has changed and shining with life.

There will be no more goodbyes.

For soon I will see my  many loveones  and  friends by my side.

To always be together…

Never to part.


By Victoria Ann Witt

 (November 5, 2009)

I love you dearly children.

God Bless you from the bottom of my heart.



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