We Pray For Peace

How many times have we  prayed this?

How many time have we cried ourselves to sleep

hoping to wake up  to a new world of peace.

But find it is still in wars and many wars around the world.

It sadden us all who seek peace and want it to be.

Where is the answer?

Where is the hope?

Where does it begin?

The answers to these question is in us.

It begin with you and me.

Within ourselves.

In our mind we have many wars.

We must begin to clean out our closet.

You know what I  am talking about.

It is all the resentments, hates of other who don’t quite

fit our sort of life  ( they are different from me and you).

Greed of wanting more than what we need in life.

Never satisfied with what we have already.

Not caring about others in need of food, shelter, clothing.

We who are christians must show  the true love of God.

The love of God that show forth hope, happiness

and prosperity of a good life with Him.

To have the I did this or that credibility in this world

that only will last in man’s vision that is not of God.

We as Christian must be humble and grateful for all God lets

us to be for His service.

God is watching and knows all that we do for Him in the true faith.

remember this world is not our home.

Our home will be with the Father in the end of time.

When Jesus returns to gather all who believes in Him with a

true heart.

We must not just carry the title of christianity.

We must live it. Through Jesus Christ our

Lord and Savior.

He is the only hope of peace within us.

Then we can show others with our works and deeds that God has

for them too.

Don’t look back at the past that was not of good.

It will not let you go if you don’t.

We all have made mistakes in our life.

Now is the time of our salvation.

Go to God in prayer and ask Him to deliver you from all that was corrupting your life.

Now ask for repentant of your sins. And believe that Jesus died for all the sins of the world and you.

By His stripes you are healed. And someday soon Jesus will return and take us all Home who believes in Him.

Amen and Amen.





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