A Vision

Here is a vision of roses…

With their thorns piercing their sides.

The thorns represents all the burdens, trials

temptations and failures in life.

The roses represents love, hope, beauty and tenderness;

how can they survive?

 The question is now answered; which is no surprise.

By the caretaker with his trimmers by his side.

He trims all the thorns away from the roses with

so much care.

Hoping that they are not scared by life’s

terrible snares.

 The caretaker  then seen that he was done of

all he could do.

He then took a rest for the rest of they day.

The very next day he came  to where the roses  were.

And in his amaze they were in full bloom

in their place of stay.

The care taker was well pleased to see

what he had done.

For their life begun , again.

Who is the caretaker you might ask.

He is GOD.

And we are his precious Rose


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