Do you find yourself doing the same thing every day?

Like a record being played over and over again.

And if you cannot follow it.

You become confuse.

It’s like a crack in the record.

You just stay in the same place.

Thats the way it  seems to me.

Now don’t get me wrong.

It is nice to have tradition in specials advents.

For they are special moments and time.

But if your whole life cannot enjoy each day that it comes…

For each day is so different and exciting.

There would be no adventures and challenges in your life.

Even the creation of your mind’s opportunity to show.

Life is not a cut out pattern of the same thing.

Each day is to enjoy doing this and that.

To challenge the mind and grow with the time that is

given you.

You give to others what you understand and know.

If you don’t.

you are like one locked in a room all


No windows.

No doors to open.

No way to expand your knowledge and wisdom of good.

You are to yourself.

Remember God Our Heavenly Father placed you here to

show you all He knows and had created to share with you.

He gave you opportunities to go forth in this wonderful

world  He has created.

You will see you are part of His Vision for prosperity of life.

His dreams and hope for a better world.

Show forth who you are.

Be creative.

And give the world a challenge of better days ahead.

A different day.


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