Give Yourself Time

There is a time for everything.

You are the only one who understand how you are.

How you learn of those challenges around you

and within you.

The world seems quick in learning today.

Snap shots of life.

Quick,  Quick,   Quick.

That is not normal.

When life goes that fast it seem we

miss the most important part of understanding

the small details that are very important to life.

We begin to miss those important pieces of life’s


It’s like a train on a track that is going

to fast.

Faster it goes.

Until danger lies ahead.

Slow that train down.

The cars it is pulling could derail.

If you don’t go your pace.

The things that you need to understand will not come forth

the way you expect  it to be.

It will be like that train that came off track.

Those around you will see confusion.

Misunderstanding will begin.

Go your pace in life.

Slowly it will begin to make sense.

You will begin to bring forth the understandings

of what is before you.

Just Give yourself time.

It will become clearer.


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