Granny In a Rocking Chair

Granny in a rocking chair.

She just looks around and stares.

At all the children who stare at her….

Who have needs.

And are not heard.

So many here…

So many kind.

The hurt and the cripple.

And even the blind.

The ones who were not to be blamed

for being here.

But they were let go because of fear.

Please  dear God…

Do I have the time.

To give them all the love they need.

For them to  feel the warmth…

To feel at ease.

Were are the homes.

Were are the shelters.

Does anyone care?

These children are hungry.

These children are cold.

No one to hold them.

And tell them they are their own.

To give them the love and a peace of mind.

I’ll give what I can.

But I sure could use a helping hand

If your bless with more than enough.

Get a hold of a charity who you can trust.

Cloths, food, and shelter for all those who are in need.


We are all God’s precious children if you want to be.




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